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"Her Feminine Courses are a MUST!"-Ida

When I first started working with Alexi I had a terrible relationship with my partner, bosses and children. Within a short amount of time I got out of my toxic relationship and attracted in a wonderful man who I had a crush on in high school! I got TWO promotions at work and my bosses completely changed their attitude towards me and now value me. One of the bosses ended up leaving the company. My children who used to not talk to me have started coming around.  I went from never being able to get ahold of them to talking to them on an almost daily basis. They even started calling me for advice. I was able to heal karmic family wounds and resentment towards my father and trauma around my femininity as well. My whole life completely upgraded thanks to Alexi.

"Changed Forever"-Stacey

I found Alexi in a time where I was completely lost.  When she went over my astrology chart my jaw dropped at just how much she knew about me. She not only helped to steer me in the right direction but she gave me tools to be a powerful creator in my own life. I also hired her as an image consultant to revamp my wardrobe. I am getting so many compliments from everyone around me asking me what I am doing! I just keep referring them to her. I don't know how she has these supermnatural gifts but I am a believer. 

"The Only Person I Trust with Important Decisions"- Shira

I have been seeing Alexi for about two years now.  She has never steered me wrong.  She is one of those people who has the natural gift of psychic ability and healing that a lot of people pay to learn. She has foreseen many things for me and has also helped me have the courage to get out of two toxic relationships. There is something about her where she can just see into your soul. She is the only person I trust with important life decisions. After her encouragement & her seeing the toxic patterns I kept recreating in relationships I decided to take her feminine workshop and the dynamic between my partner and I has completely changed. Forever grateful.

"Helped Me Overcome Low Self Esteem"-Lindsey

"I can’t say Thank you enough to Alexi, for our session and after our session, I felt a clear shift in my energy. Her insight is amazing. Talking with her feels like talking with a friend I’ve known all my life. I have learned so much from her about myself, men and building healthy relationships. I didn't have a solid female figure in my life to learn from so working with Alexi was truly life changing. I am now married to the love of my life and pregnant even though I was told getting pregnant would be near impossible due to a health issue I was having. She has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you Alexi! 

"She Transformed My Confidence"-Ashley

Ever since I've started working with Alexi I've manifested more money, more opportunities and more confidence than ever before. I always thought I was destined to be alone and she helped me rewire my belief system and not only helped me attract in my soul mate but she helped me sustain the relationship and understand the man I am with. Her understanding of how to communicate and understand men and myself has changed my relationships forever. I am finally happy in love. She has also been styling my wardrobe and I get compliments daily. I am so happy I found her. Thank you Alexi! 

"Got My Dream House"-Danielle

I hired Alexi for a couple of private sessions and then took one of her courses.  Each time we had a session she was able to tap into trauma I had experienced as a kid.  Through exercises we did together I was able to heal from a lot of deep seated pain I was holding onto. At the time I was barely getting by and living in a place I didn't like. After our sessions I not only manifested my dream home but the previous home owner let me move in with no money down and I was able to purchase it from her later due to a big windfall of money I was awarded! I have since sent my siblings to her as well. She is a gem.

"My Career Took Off After Working With Alexi"-Rosa

"When I found Alexi I was jobless and haven't booked an artistic gig in two years.  I was still relying on my parents for help, loveless and feeling like there was no passion left in my life.  After doing her feminine energy workshop my WHOLE life changed. I was in debt and manifested the money to pay it off. I attracted a new apartment in the location I wanted living on my own for the first time with no roommates.  I also got two of my dream dance gigs and was able to secure a visa in the country I am living in. The most amazing thing though was my transformation as a woman.  I attracted a different type of man who is everything I want in a partner and I am in a deeply fulfilling amazing relationship.  I am so thankful to Alexi and highly recommend using her services. She is so intuitive, compassionate and has a lot of knowledge in regards to transformational work. 

"Mind Blown!"-Karla

I knew by the first question Alexi asked me that she was about to shake my world up!! It was so on point I actually got the chills. By the end of the conversation I felt so excited for the future and ready to tackle what I hadn’t let go of from my past. She told me that my ex would likely be contacting me soon (she could feel it) to throw me bread crumbs but not to fall for it because it’s not meant to be.. little did I know until I got off the phone that said ex texted me after 3 years of no contact!!!! I was mind blown

Feeling Empowered!- Julia

I found Alexi from her YouTube channel and her content really resonated with me. During our session she picked up on things about me that no one else knew. She also encouraged me to take a completely different career path. At the time I was hesitant but I decided to give it a try. I am now making 3X more money than I was at my previous position and much happier. I have tools also that she taught me to ground myself to where I can operate from a place of calmness instead of anxiety. I also took her feminine workshop and it was life changing . I have so many men pursing me now! Thank you Alexi!


I love intuitives and all the exceptional ones on YouTube. I had a session with Alexi and it blew my mind !!! The way Alexi connected to my soul with a 

gentleness, and a tenderness like no other, and knew more about me than 99.9% of the people in my life. I would also like to Thank Alexi for taking the extra time to help me, help myself with her outstanding knowledge.  She was incredible and helped me to heal so many things. Thank You Alexi !!! You truly are the Celestial Empress!

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