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Energy Alignment For Love Workshop

2 hour event! Thursday 11/17

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Join me and Heather Daly as we guide you through an epic night for calling in your soul mate! This is a training, guided reflection, and meditative practice to cleanse and open your heart chakra. We will magnify your manifestation power and guide you to vibrate in receptivity to love in all forms, including a loving partner. Our lesson will weave through the spiritual secrets of the heart chakra, reconnecting you to your soul-deep desires and intentionality. You will learn how to remain open-hearted and receptive to love, even through your triggers and difficult emotions. This deepened intimacy within yourself will enable you to then share greater connection with your manifested lover. We will then experience the magic of heart-opening through a guided meditation. Here, you are invited to cleanse your heart of past pain, rewrite old dating narratives, and cleanse any stagnant past life and generational karma. We will then cultivate a conscious connection between your heart and sacral chakra to unlock your highest co-creative potential. During this workshop we will: Guide you through a special heart activation meditation Cut karmic cords with men of the past Clean karma from past relationships Cultivate the feminine group energy to manifest our wishes Go over where the full moon is affecting your energy Removing sexual trauma and energy from you womb Go over ways you can create from your power during your 4 week cycle with practical steps & herbs rooted in ancient shamanic practices *Please bring a candle of your choice that hasn't been lit to the workshop along with a journal *if you cannot attend we will send you a recorded version About the guest facilitator: Heather Daly is an Instinctive Meditation facilitator & women’s manifestation coach. She specializes in feminine energy integration and emotional addiction alchemy. Her embodied meditations guide you to deeper interconnectedness with nature and the sacred elements. She is the host of the Conscious Queen Podcast, which dives into the Earthly application of spirituality. In her 3-month 1:1 Manifesting Love Mentorship, Heather holds sisterly space for single women to ignite their magnetism to attract and maintain their dream love life.

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